Embracing the Healing Power of Nature

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is also known as naturopathic medicine, it encourages the self-healing mechanism of the human body by nourishing the vital force using various methods that enable the body to detoxify itself more effficiently and at the same time, strenghtening a person's constitution by increasing the nutrient uptake.

Naturopathic medicine has a long history and its founder, the Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates was the first person to suggest the principles of naturopathic medicine. It is also reflected in the natural medicine traditions around the world such Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine, and the traditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM).

How does Naturopathy work?

Naturopathic medicine is a science-based tradition that promotes wellness by identifying the unique aspects of each individual and then employing non-toxic natural therapies to restore his or her physiological, psychological, and structural balance.

A various therapies are considered to fall under the naturopathy classification. These include: hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbalism, vibrational medicine and energy medicine, acupuncture, flower essence and tissue salts, bodywork, etc.

During your consultation, as a naturopath, I aim to address your health and wellness  concerns abiding by the following underlying principles:

  • All systems of the body are interconnected: True state of health is essentially based on the harmonious relationship between one's body, mind and the spirit. Any specific weakness or dysfunctions are invariably interlinked and therefore all systems of the body will be considered during our consult. Ill-health is often a product of the internal environment of the body rather than external influences. e.g. It is the soil that is the problem not the microbes per se. All disease starts with a disruption to the body's homeostatic mechanism and health is a return to balance to these mechanisms.
  • Your unique constitution: We are all wonderful unique in terms of our biological, bio-chemical structural and genetic tendencies. The exciting new findings on nutrigenomic science in recent years have uncovered that certain genes can be influenced by implementing dietary and lifestyle changes.

During our consult, your unique constitution will be addressed to help us tailor a protocol that is best suited for you. Ultimately

  • Prevention is preferable to cure: During our consult, we will evaluate both subjective and objective information necessary to uncover potential susceptibilities to further disease states. We will then discusss specific dietary and lifestyle strategies or nutritional supplementation and use it as a means for health maintenence and disease prevention.
  • The Healing Power of Nature: There is a Vital Force or Life Force that, given the right condition, will self-correct and self-modify. The Vital Force is stimulated by factors which promote health and suppressed by excesses and deficiencies. The body has an inherent ability to maintain and restore health. As a naturopathic practitioner, it is my goal to support this via diet, supplements, lifestyle  advices and further therapeutic approaches that I offer.

Your Therapist:

I have a diploma in Naturopath and also trained as Nutritional Therapist. I believe that a lean, fit and healthy body is the result of a balanced and committed lifestyle, and a positive sense of self.

My consalutation incorporates aspects of my diverse background in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Raw Veganism, Energy and Vibrational Medicine It is my goal to tailmor make each session according to your individual needs so as to bring out potent and life enhancing  improvements that filflll your long term health and wellness objectives.

What should you expect in the initial naturopathy appointment?

Our initial consultation will last for usually last for 90 minutes. This process culminates in an individually tailored naturopathic plan that actively engages you in your health and wellness goals. Ample time is afforded at the end of the visit to discuss the plan and answer any questions.

Follow-up visits are  60 minutes and are used to assess how well the plan fits and to make any necessary adjustments.


  • Pre-assessement

  • Initial Consultation

  • Follow-up visits

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