What is Hypno-Psychotherapy?

Hypno-psychotherapy is the clinical application of hypnosis to enhance psychotherapeutic intervention. This is because the hypnotic state allows people to explore deeper thoughts, feelings, and memories they might have hidden from their surface conscious minds. In addition, hypnosis enables people to perceive their challenges in life from a different perspective and often shed light on  the root cause of the problems that need resolving.

How does Hypno-psychotherayp work?

In a nutshell, the subconscious comprises nearly 90% of our mind and is purely reactive, devoid of logic, reason and willpower. It is formed by learned associations and reinforced by lifelong reactions. For example, if you had a fearful encounter with a certain animal as a child, chances are you  are more than likely to continue react in a fearful manner towards that particular animal despite the fact that on a more conscious level you subtly sense and know this reaction is not at all warranted.

Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary therapy that uses hypnosis which induces deep relaxation and a trance state that is an altered state of consciousness with an acute focus to address these subconscious issues that are holding you back.. You need to be a willing participant in order to be hypnotised, but it worths bearing in mind that hypnosis cannot make you do anything or say anything you would not want to.

In hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, focused attention are often used to acheive a heightened state of awareness.  People tend to be more capable of responding to suggestions in the hypnotic, trance-like state. Therefore, hypnotherapy can help some people change certain unwanted thinking or behaviour patterns, such as  phobia, anxiety, panic attacks, stopping smoking and binge eating. It can also influence certain perceptions and sensations in the body, thus it has been found helpful in alleviating emotional and physical pain.

An analysis method can also be used during the hypnosis. This approach uses the deeply relaxed state to explore any possible psychological root cause of a disorder or symptom that a person is suffering from. Once the root cause is uncovered during the session, such as an unhealed past traumatic event deeply embedded in the memories and the subconscious of the person, it can be  then addressed in further therapeutic approaches such as Thought Field Therapy (TFT),  psychotherapy, or energy healing methods.

What can hypno-psychotherapy be used for?

From effective weight management, overcoming phobia, anxiety to quitting unwanted behaviour patterns, the benefits of hypnotherapy are extensive and far reaching.

The hypnotic state allows a person to be more open to discussion and suggestion. It can improve the success of other treatments for many conditions, including:

  • Phobias, fears, and anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Post-Trauma anxiety
  • Greif and loss
  • Overeating
  • Smoking
  • Alcoholism

Your Therapist:

As a fully trained and qualified integrative hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and NLP practitioner who is also an experienced natural medicine practitioner, I aim to incorporate my diverse interdisciplinary therapeutic background to my consultations. It is my goal to tailor make each session according to your individual needs so as to bring out potent and life enhancing improvements that filfill your long term health and wellness objectives.

What should you expect in the initial Hypno-psychotherapy appointment?

Our initial consultation will last for 90 minutes. This process is consists of talking therapy, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, analysis and culminates in an individually tailored action plan that actively engages you in your life goals. Ample time is afforded at the end of the visit to discuss the plan and answer any questions.

Follow-up visits are 60 minutes and are used to assess how well the plan fits and to make any necessary adjustments.


  • Pre-assessement
  • Initial Consultation
  • Follow-up visits

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