Thought Field Therapy



What is Thought Field Therapy?

Thought Field Therapy (or TFT) is an alternative treatment technique which uses 'tapping' with the fingers on a variety of points around the upper and body and hands, known as meridian points. This treatment has been used reputedly to help improve a huge variety of health conditions, both mental and physical.

Thought Field Therapy was developed by Roger Callahan, an American psychologist in the early 1980s. Initially he developed this method to help rid some of his patients of phobia. He then continued experimenting it one more of his patients who had other conditions and found great success which led him to developing Thought Field therapy fully.

Emotional Freedome Technique (EFT), developed by Gary Craig in the 1990s, is another similar form of therapy which is based on the same principles of Thought Field Therapy as it uses the same meridian tapping idea.

How does Thought Field Therapy Work?

The creator of Thought Field Therapy, Callahan, believed that when we think about an experience or a thought which we associate with an emotion, we are 'tuning in' to a 'thought field' and consequently in our minds, ke are predisposed to react to a specific thought. Callahan also believes that this is particularly true ing relation to negative emotions and that each one of them corresponds to a particular meridian points.

By tapping a precise sequence on the meridian points, it is said to unblock any imbalances and the flow of Qi (the life force or the energy flow in the human body).

What can Thought Field Therapy be used for?

Thought Field Therapy can be applied on a wide range of conditions including phobia, trauma, addictions, anxieties, weight management, stress reduction to name a few.

Your Therapist:

As a fully trained and qualified integrative hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and NLP practitioner, who is also an experienced  natural medicine practitioner. I aim to incorporate my diverse interdisciplinary therapeutic background to my consultations. It is my goal to tailor make each session according to your individual needs so as to bring out potent and life enhancing improvements that fulfil your long term health and wellness objectives.

What should you expect in the initial Thought Field Therapy appointment?

Our initial consultation will last for 60 minutes. This process culminates in an individually tailored  plan that actively engages you in your health and wellness goals. Ample time is afforded at the end of the visit to discuss the plan and answer any questions.

Follow-up visits are 60 minutes also and are used to assess how well the plan fits and to make any necessary adjustments.


  • Pre-assessement
  • Initial Consultation
  • Follow-up visits

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